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Are therapy sessions in-person or online? 

Suda Centers provides clients with the option to choose from teletherapy or in-person therapy in Southern California. You have the flexibility to choose the session type that works for you. If you’d like to see us in person, we have two convenient office locations in Encino and Los Angeles. 

How long are therapy sessions? 

We provide standard, 50 minute therapy sessions. 

What is the cost of therapy? 

Our rate for seeing a licensed therapist is $175 per session. 

How do I choose a therapist? 

We make the process easy for you by matching you with the best therapist for your needs. Simply give us a call, and we’ll take time to get to know your situation and why you’re seeking therapy. From here, we can help you schedule an appointment with a therapist that’s a great match. If you feel the fit isn’t right, we’ll work with you to find the perfect therapist to support your long-term growth and healing. If you have a specific therapist you’re interested in seeing, we’re often happy and able to accommodate that request. 

Can you treat children, couples, and families? 

Yes! We provide care for patients of all ages. We are happy to provide treatment for young children, school-aged kids, teenagers, and beyond. We also provide couples counseling and family therapy.

Do you accept insurance? 

Suda Centers is an out-of-network provider for PPO insurance plans. Depending on your unique plan and benefits, you may qualify for having 50% to 80% of your visit covered. We can provide you with a superbill to submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement. 

Have Any Questions? 

Please contact us with any additional questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!

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