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Child & Adolescent Counseling

Therapy for Children and Teens in Southern California 

Help Your Child
Grow, Heal, and Thrive 

It can be difficult to watch your child struggle. We’re here to support you in helping pave a healthy future for your child. From young children to teenagers, we have several therapists on board that specialize in play therapy, behavioral issues, mental health disorders, and more. Contact Suda Centers today to match your child with a therapist that’s ideal for their needs during this time.

A strong mental health foundation can help children and teens grow up to be resilient adults who thrive in every area of their lives.   

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How Can I Tell If My Child Needs Therapy? 

Like adults, children and teens can struggle with serious mental health issues that impact their mood, behaviors, and performance. A therapist can help your child build self-confidence and learn vital skills that allow them to better navigate challenges in their life. Here are a few key signs that your child or teen could benefit from working with a therapist. 

  • You’ve noticed sudden changes in behavior or mood 
  • They are self-harming or expressing concerning thoughts 
  • They become socially withdrawn or anxious around others 
  • They frequently have conflicts with peers or adults
  • You notice a change in sleeping or eating patterns 
  • They’ve experienced trauma or lost a loved one 
  • They are struggling with performance in school 
  • They’ve lost interest in hobbies they once enjoyed 

Children & Teen Therapy at Suda Centers 

Specialized Care

Our clinician team includes therapists who specialize in treating children and teens. We’ll match your child with a therapist who can provide personalized treatment based on their needs.  

Flexible Scheduling  

We value your time and understand that as a parent or caregiver, you likely have a full plate. We offer teletherapy and a variety of session times to fit your busy schedule.  

Evidence-Based Treatment 

Your child’s therapist will be skilled in a wide range of therapeutic approaches (like play therapy, art therapy, or CBT) that can help your child effectively open up in sessions and grow. 

Caregiver or Parental Involvement 

When appropriate, a children’s therapist will involve parents or caregivers in the therapeutic process. This can include parental coaching that supports the child’s healing. 

Teen Wellness Group

Being a teenager in today’s world comes with many challenges and interpersonal struggles. Teens today have to overcome many hurdles including external pressure from social media, identity formation challenges, relationships struggles, cultural identity, and family conflicts. Our teen wellness group utilizes a cognitive behavioral approach to support teenagers who need a safe space to process their emotions and learn ways to cope with their everyday stressors.

We come together every week to support and uplift one another on our journey toward improved well-being. Whether you join us via Zoom or in person, you’ll find a safe and inclusive space where teenagers can openly share their experiences, thoughts, and emotions.

Cost is $60 per session.

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Your Search for a Therapist Ends Here

Your days of scrolling through directories end here. It can be overwhelming looking through a sea of faces and not knowing who to pick. We’ll match you with a therapist who is a great fit and committed to providing you with long-term care and support. 

Therapist meets with child patient