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Family Therapy in Southern California 

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Family conflict can make your home feel inhospitable. If your family is struggling to get along or trying to cope with a difficult situation, a therapist can be a valuable mediator and guide. Families play a major role in shaping how we see ourselves and the world around us. However, poor communication patterns, violence, substance abuse, the death of a loved one, or divorce can make harmony seem unachievable. Our therapists have the expertise to help heal wounds and encourage growth. 

When a whole family grows and reconciles in unison, each member can experience immense development and healing.

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When to Consider Family Therapy 

Family therapy is a collaborative process that involves several members of your family. Therapy sessions provide a safe place for each member to feel heard, and your therapist will guide you and your family in understanding what underlying issues are impacting your relationships. Here are a few reasons why to consider working with a family therapist. 

  • There is constant conflict in your home 
  • A mental health problem is impacting the whole family 
  • There has been a recent divorce or marriage
  • Your family is struggling with grief or trauma 
  • There has been a history of substance abuse, violence, or infidelity  
  • Your family is struggling to find balance 
  • Your family has poor parent-child dynamics 
  • Extended family is contributing to conflict 

Family Counseling at Suda Centers 

Experienced Therapists 

Family issues can get complicated. Our expert family therapists are experienced in leading productive group sessions that facilitate healthy conflict resolution and growth. 

Flexible Options   

We don’t want a busy schedule to get in the way of your family getting high-quality mental health care. We can work to accommodate your schedule – and we offer telehealth. 

Evidence-Based Approach 

Our therapists utilize proven conflict-resolution strategies, relationship-building exercises, communication skills, and psychotherapy to encourage healing and growth.

Personalized Care 

We understand that each family is unique, and that there are many reasons someone might seek family therapy. We’ll match your family with the therapist best suited to your situation.

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Your days of scrolling through directories end here. It can be overwhelming looking through a sea of faces and not knowing who to pick. We’ll match you with a therapist who is a great fit and committed to providing you with long-term care and support. 

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